2017 Chrysler Pacifica

  • 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    Chrysler Pacifica
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    • Customer stated they went on a long trip upon arrival at destination the vehicle was turned off and would not restart after. No driving issues, no lights on dash, only a message: "shifter needs servicing." Customer states the light that used to be on nob
    • Inspected the vehicle, found the battery fails the load test. This will effect all systems when there is incorrect powers. Verified the charging system is working.Scanned the computer modules there is many codes in all the modules. Will need to replace the battery to start. Suspect this is the cause of the driveability issues
    • there is a puncture in the side wall, will need to replace the tire
    • Rear left tire has seal- is it repairable
    • Remove locking lug nuts
    • Mount and balance three tire/wheel assemblies.
    • Disconnect battery hold down and battery cables. Remove battery. Clean connections if required. Install new battery, attach cables, torque hold down.
    • Access cabin filter housing remove old air filter. Clean out housing of debris. Install new filter. Fasten housing.
    • Oil change service
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